Whistler Tattoo – Getting Inked in Honour of BC Wildfire Victims

The Whistler Tattoo Company has come up with an innovative way to honour victims of the current BC wildfires. Kelsey Bareham posted a sketch on Facebook of a 4cm long tattoo design of several iconic BC trees (such as cedar and spruce). She offered tattoos in exchange for donations to the Canadian Red Cross.

Since posting the image online the queues have been out the door. On the first day alone, 19 people came in for a tree tattoo raising $1,350 for the Canadian Red Cross. The fundraiser has become so popular she has had to scale back, donating 75% of donations to victims while the rest will cover supplies and rent.

“I spent a lot of my life not in a position to help out. Now that I’m here this is one small thing I can do,” Bareham said.

“One of my friends had her cabin burn down last week … There are so many people up there that I care about that don’t know if they’re going to lose everything, and these are people that have taken their shirts of their back for me before.”

Bareham hopes that the trend will spread to other tattoo parlours to help raise crucial funds for a great cause.

Read more on CBC.

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